Servo Developer Preview Downloads

Servo is a modern, high-performance browser engine being developed for application and embedded use.

These pre-built nightly snapshots allow developers to try Servo and report issues without building Servo locally.

Please don’t log into your bank with Servo just yet! Now that we’ve released our first developer preview, we’ll be investing in formal security audits and improving our security practices using both existing libraries and Rust -- more information coming soon!

macOS Instructions

  • Click the "macOS Build" button above to download the latest build
  • Open the downloaded `servo-latest.dmg` file
  • Drag to the Applications folder
  • Double-click on to run Servo

Note: is not currently signed, so Mac users may have a popup saying "Servo can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." If the popup lacks a "proceed anyway" option, close it then right click and click "Open." This time the popup will have an option to proceed opening the application.

Linux Instructions

  • Click the "Linux Build" button above
  • Download the .TAR.GZ file
  • Expand the file (`tar zxf servo-latest.tar.gz`)
  • `cd servo`
  • Execute `./servo` to run Servo
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